$4M in new condo in Newport Beach, CA for 2 guests (w/o a pool)

The property is owned by two New York real estate companies, who say they paid $4 million for the property in Newport, California, where they live.

The property has been listed for sale since 2014, but the properties owner, Richard Ebersole, told Axios it was recently sold and a new owner was considering moving in.

Ebersoles condo is a double-wide 2 bedroom condo that has been remodeled into a 4 bedroom unit, and the condo has been renovated into a large outdoor pool.

Ebersteins condo is owned and operated by Richard Eberstein and his wife, Mary.

The condo was listed for $8 million in 2015, but is now on the market for $5.5 million.

Eresels wife, Heather, is the founder of the Newport Beach Hotel Transylvanias.

In the mid-90s, Ebersten started working at the Newport hotel in Newport for about a year and a half, and eventually moved back to New York to work at the Hilton Garden Inn in New Jersey.

The couple is now a major landlord in the area.

Ehrstein, a lifelong resident of Newport Beach and a resident of the neighborhood for more than 25 years, owns a large portion of the hotel.

Eersole has owned a hotel in California since 2014.

According to his wife Mary, Ebersolts new condo is in an area called the Pacific Coast Highway.

He told Axio that the condo is just a “second home” to the couple, and that he and his family would like to move in “very soon.”

Ebersols wife Heather recently bought the 2nd floor of the condo with her husband, and plans to renovate it into a home.

The new condo has “three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a guest room, and a guest bathroom,” Mary Ebersolin told Axiom.

The second floor of his condo will be rented to guests for $2,800 per month, and he plans to rent the 2,000 square feet of the two-bedroom unit for $1,400 per month.

Ebsoles family and the hotel are expected to move into the new condo “very shortly,” Mary said.

The resort hotel and hotel transylvanas have recently renovated the pool at the hotel to a large size and added a second floor.

Mary Eberlons daughter, Kaitlyn, who is currently working in the hotel, told The Los Angeles Times that the new pool has “a very small footprint” but “very beautiful” pool with “very nice water” for the family to swim in.

The hotel and the resort are owned by the hotel trans.

Enerstein is an investor in two other Newport Beach hotels, The Olde Towne and The Golden Gate, which are located in the neighborhood of La Costa.

The Golden Garden hotel is owned, operated, and managed by the family of former President Trump.

The Old Towne hotel was owned by his father and later purchased by the resort hotel.

According the New York Times, the resort was one of Trumps largest hotel properties in the 1990s and 2000s.

The Trump family owns or controls at least six properties in California, including the Pacific Palisades, Malibu and Bayside, which includes the Trump Taj Mahal casino, the Trump Marina and Spa, Trump National Golf Club Palm Beach, the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, and Trump Plaza in New York City.

The hotels properties have been listed on the California real estate market since 2014 and are now on a “very active” search for a buyer.

Ersolts wife, Emsl, told the newspaper that she is not concerned about the property being sold and that the family “will continue to work hard to help the people of Newport and their communities.”

She added that “I have faith in God and that I can do anything I can to help people.”

Eberlis son, Daniel Ebersl, is currently listed on Trump’s California real property list.

He also owns properties in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Reno, Nevada.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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