A couple’s quest to save the planet sparks the next frontier

New York – A couple from California is pushing to change the face of the planet by developing a solar-powered, greenhouse-gas-free power plant that could save the world from climate change.

In a series of interviews with the Financial Times and the Guardian, the couple, who prefer to be called the Green Energy Solution, said they were trying to find a way to use solar power for energy.

The couple, whose names have been withheld by the Financial New York bureau, are part of a growing movement that is pushing for a shift to renewable energy.

In their first interview with the New York Post, they said they would try to find sustainable energy sources if they were ever to build a power plant.

Their solution to the world’s energy crisis is to build the world, the Greens say, and they are determined to achieve this goal.

“We have a long way to go to make this dream a reality,” said the couple in an interview with The Wall St Journal.

The couple said they had initially thought of building a solar farm in California to power their home but found that such a project was too expensive and too far away.

“We were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find any green energy anywhere in the country,” said Joe.

“But when we found a place that could work, it made us realise that there are ways we could do this.”

Joe said that while solar power was only one of several options to address climate change, it was a powerful one and one that could revolutionise the energy system.

Joe and his wife, Jill, said their aim was to turn solar power into a cheap and reliable energy source, which could help save the earth from climate collapse.

While solar panels were not the only option, they are the only one that uses carbon dioxide and methane to generate electricity.

Solar panels generate electricity by capturing sunlight and converting it to heat.

They generate power by capturing the heat they generate from sunlight and using it to generate electrical power.

Joe and Jill said their solution would require two separate plants, but that they would eventually be able have two solar farms operating simultaneously.

Their solar farm would be located in their home state of California, with a separate solar farm on the other side of the country, they told the Financial Post.

They said they have been working on their project for more than a year and hope to have the first plants up and running in a couple of years.

If the project proves successful, it would be a game changer in terms of reducing greenhouse gases and climate change in the world.

We have to save this planet, the Green Solution told the New Yorker.

Solar panels are one of the cheapest, most efficient, and most energy-efficient forms of power generation available, the Wall Street Times reported.

Solar power plants are not cheap, but are currently a relatively inexpensive alternative to fossil fuels.

According to a 2015 study, solar power generated between $5.3bn and $12.1bn in the United States in 2015.

However, the amount of carbon dioxide that could be emitted by a typical solar power plant would be around 15% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, according to a 2016 study.

Joe said they are aiming to have their solar farm up and operational by 2021.

It would take an estimated five years to get their first solar farm fully up and operating, he told the Guardian.

The couple hope to eventually sell their power generation technology to a private company. “

We are trying to get them operating and getting their systems up and going, and the plan is to have them running in 2021.”

The couple hope to eventually sell their power generation technology to a private company.

I want to be a part of this,” Joe told the Times.

And to get there, they need help from the public.

Jill, who has previously said she was trying to build an electric car, has previously told the financial paper that she was looking to raise $150m to help finance her plans.

A similar solar energy project in the UK has been hailed as a success by the government, the Guardian reported in March.

Another green energy solution is building a nuclear power plant in Finland, according the Financial Daily.

Green energy is becoming a mainstream topic in American politics, as President Donald Trump prepares to take office.

Trump, however, has said he will continue to push for the construction of more coal-fired power plants and has expressed his scepticism of climate change and the need to curb greenhouse gases.

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