Trump, aides discuss ‘coup d’etat’ plan for Haiti

Trump aides have begun discussing a “coup” that would have left Haiti in chaos and placed the country under a “national emergency” in a bid to force a political solution to the country’s political crisis.

The White House has been mum on details of the plan, but a senior White House official said the president has discussed “a national emergency” to keep the country from sliding into chaos.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

The plan would have required the U.S. to take the lead in a “full-scale coup d’état” in Haiti, a move that would give Trump leverage in negotiations with Haitian President Michel Martelly.

The Trump team had been considering the possibility of such a coup since March, but they have been trying to put it off, the official said.

This person spoke on background about the president’s thinking about the possibility and said the discussion is continuing.

Trump has not publicly acknowledged the coup idea.

He is believed to be pushing for Martelly to resign, and he has said he would consider military intervention if he could not get the president to do it.

“We would be willing to use military force,” Trump told reporters earlier this month.

“Martelly is not going to go along with this.

We have a very good relationship with him.”

The White Street Journal reported on Monday that the White House had begun considering a coup plan that would force Martelly out of office.

That proposal, the newspaper reported, was one of a series of suggestions put forward by Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as they discussed what they could do to end the political crisis and get Haiti moving forward.

Martelly, a former president of Haiti who was impeached in 2006, has been trying for months to get Haiti to return to a government that would be responsive to the U,S.

and international donors.

But the talks have been fraught with difficulties.

Haitians fear that Martelly would be overthrown by his own supporters, and the government has struggled to win the support of many other political groups.

But it also has been beset by internal divisions and corruption allegations that have made it difficult for the government to maintain the political neutrality it seeks.

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