Why are these hotels so expensive?

It’s no secret that many hotels in Toronto are out of style.

And that’s a big problem for many travellers, who are more likely to choose the more stylish hotels that have a lower rental rate.

But that isn’t the case in Toronto.

According to the latest research by Hotel Industry Analysts, hotels are now more affordable than they were a decade ago, with the average price of a room in a Toronto hotel down from $835 a night in 2009 to $710 a night this year.

This trend will continue in the coming years, says hotel researcher Michael Stokes.

“If you look at our market, you can’t go wrong with one of these hotels,” says Stokes, a partner at hotel research firm Euromonitor.

“It’s not the hotel that people are going to be coming to.”

Here are 10 Toronto hotels that are the most affordable in Canada:1.

Blue Star Hotel and CasinoToronto’s Blue Star is a luxury hotel that offers suites, a spa, and an ice skating rink.

Rooms are $1,500 per night.

This hotel has a good selection of premium suites and is close to Toronto’s main attractions.

It has rooms with the highest occupancy rate in the city, according to the Canadian Hotel & Resort Association.2.

Sheraton TorontoThe Sheraton is a two-level hotel that boasts three floors and can be reserved in either a “bachelor” or “bachelorette” suite.

The price per night is $1.4 million, making it one of the most expensive hotels in Canada.

The hotel is located in downtown Toronto near the CN Tower.3.

Shermold TorontoShermold is a four-level luxury hotel with suites, pool, and spa.

Rooms for $1 million per night are available.

The Canadian Hotel Association says Shermolds are the second-most expensive hotel in the country.

The building is located at the corner of Bay and Dundas Streets.4.

Sherbrooke TorontoSherbrooke is a three-level resort with a hotel, pool and spa with a spa that has the highest number of guest rooms.

Rooms start at $1 and include two beds and a queen bed.

Rooms can also be reserved by phone at 1-800-872-4333.5.

Sherwood HotelToronto’s Sherwood is a hotel in Toronto’s waterfront community with a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, and private dining room.

Rooms range from $1 to $4 million.

Rooms include a king bed, a queen queen bed, two queen beds, and a king queen bed and two queen queen beds in the main room.6.

Yonge HotelToronto is the second most expensive hotel to stay at in the province.

The Yonge Toronto hotel, which is located on Bay and Bay Street, has suites that are a little higher than the average.

Rooms in the resort are a whopping $1-million.

Rooms on the main floor cost between $2.5 and $3.5 million.7.

Hotel Le Cirque Toronto is a five-level boutique hotel with three floors of rooms.

Each floor has a private bathroom, an on-site gym, and two private dining rooms.

The most expensive room is the $5-million, five-bedroom suite that can be found in the lobby of the hotel.8.

Sherbourne HotelToronto has a boutique hotel that has a two floor hotel with a pool, fitness center, and gym.

Rooms starting at $2,500 are available, with suites starting at around $4,000.

Rooms go for $2-3 million in Toronto, according.9.

Sherbark TorontoSherbark is a boutique resort that offers a pool with private baths, an indoor sauna, a sauna in the basement, and sauna and spa services.

Rooms cost $1-$2 million.10.

Westin TorontoHotel Westin has been at the forefront of the luxury hotel boom, and its newest addition is the Westin Sky Hotel.

The Sky offers two-room suites and a private pool with a saunas.

Rooms get a price tag of $2 million and can also accommodate guests with up to four people.

The Toronto-based hotel is on the Upper West Side near Toronto Pearson International Airport.

It opened in May and has already had some of the hottest deals of the year, including the most recent $4.5-billion deal to purchase the iconic landmark of the Eiffel Tower.

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