How the Titans could trade for Peyton Manning’s contract

The Titans would likely be interested in moving quarterback Peyton Manning to help them address their quarterback depth.

But there’s a catch: It’s not going to happen.

The Titans are in no rush to move Manning, and general manager Jon Robinson told reporters last week that he didn’t expect to trade him, according to The Tennessean’s Jason Cole.

That’s because Manning’s deal with the Broncos expires after the 2020 season, and it’s not clear if the Titans would be willing to extend the contract.

That means the Titans won’t be able to acquire Manning’s $14.8 million base salary this offseason if they want to keep him, and he could easily be paid much less with his next contract than he’s making now.

So how would the Titans handle the possibility of trading Manning?

It’s a simple one.

The most likely scenario would be to let him walk, as the Titans have done with other quarterbacks in the past, according of The Tenneseean’s Tim McManus.

That might mean they don’t get a first-round pick, which they could use to bolster the roster.

But it also means they wouldn’t get Manning’s future salary, which is $9.75 million in 2020.

The Broncos could also offer Manning a three-year deal worth $19.75 per year.

That would make Manning the second-highest-paid player in NFL history, behind only Russell Wilson, according the ESPN Stats & Info database.

The 49ers, Patriots and Browns have all tried to trade Manning, according a source with knowledge of the situation.

The 49ers have said that they’d like to trade for Manning and that they’ve offered to let the Titans make a deal for him.

The Browns are trying to trade Peyton Manning and he’s not in their plans, a source told The Tennessan’s David Newton.

But that hasn’t stopped the Titans from trying to move him.

A third option is to try to sign Manning to a longer contract, which would give the Titans more flexibility to trade down and grab another quarterback in the draft.

The Titans have tried that before, signing Peyton Manning in 2006 and trading up in 2008 to grab former Clemson quarterback Brad Kaaya.

The teams traded down to grab Kaaya, who was released by the Titans after the 2008 season.

That would allow the Titans to move down and take a quarterback with a lower salary next offseason, if the NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement is renewed.

That deal will have no impact on the Titans’ options for the 2019 season.

But the Titans don’t have much of a trade-deadline dilemma to deal with, according with The Tennesseean’s Jim Wyatt.

That makes the Titans unlikely to trade the franchise quarterback this offseason.

It’s not that they don the position, it’s that they just aren’t going to trade that position, Wyatt wrote.

They’re just not going for it.

The Colts, Falcons and Browns are all interested in trading Manning.

The Giants, Jets and Raiders also have interest.

The Raiders have expressed interest in trading for Manning, as have the Titans, but the Colts have yet to make a serious bid.

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