How to tell the difference between a hotel and a hotel room

In a year of mixed news for the industry, the new wave of hotel-casino-hotel hybrids is on the rise again.With the arrival of the new Wynn hotel, which will open this fall in Las Vegas, and the arrival in San Diego of the Casinosby Wynn Resort, a slew of smaller, independently owned hotel-hotels have popped […]

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How to stay in one of the best hotels in Palm Springs for $80,000 per night

Travelers are flocking to Palm Springs in droves to stay for the season.The resort’s reputation as a premier destination for a wide range of travelers has helped it attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, making it the second most popular destination for holiday makers in the U.S. This year, Palm Springs is expected […]

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Why you’re missing out on a night out at Portland hotel with a trip to Portland’s oprylands

Opryland Hotel is the perfect spot to go out for a night at Portland’s Oprylands.It’s a four-star hotel, with four of its five rooms (the other two being two suites) featuring a pool, a private bar, and a private pool area.There’s also a large patio for entertaining, as well as a small pool and a […]

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What to expect from your next vacation: Here’s how to get a full picture of what you’re in for

I was in a hotel room last night for the first time in three months.I was staying in the luxury condominium of the hotel transylvanian, but there was no reception.Instead, I had to find a way to connect with my roommate and his fellow guests.It’s been a month since we last met, and the new […]

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Which hotels in Las Vegas are the best?

Hotel reviews are often written by guests.And if a hotel is one of the most popular in the world, guests may be less likely to give it a low rating.That’s the idea behind a new website, which analyzes which Las Vegas hotels are among the most sought after.The site was started by two people who […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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