How to get into one of the world’s best hotels

Hotel reservations in Austin, Texas, are on the rise.

Hotels from the top 20 cities across the U.S. are averaging around 3,300 reservations a day, with Austin the top city in the nation with 3,000 reservations a night.

Austin also boasts the second-highest rate of new hotel occupancy among the nation’s 20 biggest cities.

Austin hotel reservations are up by 20 percent since December, according to data compiled by Zillow, a real estate site that tracks hotel bookings.

The numbers are based on a survey conducted by Zagat.

The Austin Times-Herald reports that hotel bookers are seeing more demand than ever.

Bookings increased 20 percent in March from the same month last year, with more than 3,100 reservations per night.

The number of reservations in the Austin metro area rose by almost 8 percent to 9,500.

The average hotel room reservation in the area increased 5.3 percent to $1,000.

Zillows data shows Austin has a shortage of rooms, with only a few new rooms available for occupancy per night this year.

A survey of Austin hotel bookkeepers found that the average hotel rooms on the market this year have a floor area of just over 100 square feet, which is half the size of a typical apartment or condo.

Hotel occupancy is up in Austin in general, but it has also seen a spike in the city’s hotel rooms.

Zag at the University of Texas Austin and the University at Albany in New York City report that occupancy has doubled in Austin over the past three years, with an average occupancy rate of about 50 percent, compared to about 37 percent in 2016.

Austin has also been seeing a lot of demand for its convention and athletic venues, with the city seeing a 3 percent increase in occupancy during the first three months of this year, Zillower reported.

The city’s convention centers have been hit hard with a lack of hotels and events this year as the Austin Convention Center is undergoing renovations and the Austin Entertainment District will close.

However, there are several hotels that are looking to add rooms to meet demand.

The Times-Call reports that some hotels are leasing out space at the old World Trade Center site for convention center space and others are leasing space at former Austin City Hall in Downtown Austin.

There are also many hotel rooms available at the Austin Farmers Market and the North American Market.

Zilow says hotels are adding to their inventory in Austin.

The hotel occupancy data for the Austin area comes in at the bottom of the list, with just over half of hotel rooms listed as “excellent,” but the city has a long way to go before that number drops to a quarter of hotel room occupancy.

Austin’s occupancy is already at its lowest point in over 30 years, when it was at more than 80 percent in the early 1980s.

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