A Brief History of Phoenix Hotel Extenders: The Phoenix, Arizona, Hotel Extender

Phoenix, AZ, May 10, 2017– (Photo: Tom Riedel/National Geographic)When I first saw this image, I was struck by the sheer magnitude of the project.

Over 3,000 rooms have been converted from their original occupancy levels to stayers with special accommodations, and this is just a small taste of what will be available once the renovations are complete.

The Phoenix Hotel Extension project is a collaboration between the University of Arizona and the Phoenix Public Health District, which is partnering with the city to preserve the city’s heritage.

Phoenix is a diverse city and a city where many of its residents have a special connection to its history.

The Phoenix Hotel has a long history in the city, and has been one of the citys most well-known hotel properties.

As an extension to the hotel, it has also been an integral part of the Phoenix community, serving as a gathering spot, a social gathering spot and a venue for a wide variety of cultural events.

“Phoenix is the city of arts, music, dance, and theater, and it’s one of our core attractions,” says Dr. Michael Tullos, Phoenix Public Housing Program Director.

“It’s the gateway to the larger Phoenix community.”

The Phoenix Project is one of several projects underway in the Phoenix area.

Other projects include the renovation of the former Gourmet Hotel and Restaurant and the redevelopment of the City of Scottsdale.

This photo shows the renovated Phoenix Hotel.

It’s important to note that many of these hotels are also in active use and they’re being rehabilitated.

These rooms have unique amenities, such as a fire pit, private bathrooms and a large library.

At the Phoenix Hotel, guests can enjoy a modern, contemporary look with a view of downtown Phoenix, as well as a sense of place.

The hotel has also hosted many events over the years.

I was excited to learn that the hotel has been converted to stayer accommodations with an extension of time of occupancy of 15 nights.

The average stay at the Phoenix will run from one to three nights.

The Phoenix Extension will allow the hotel to expand its capacity to up to 35,000 guests.

The project also provides additional public safety and public health services to the community.

Other Phoenix hotels that will be able to accommodate extended stay guests include the New Scotts Valley, The Grand Hyatt, The Holiday Inn and The Grand Canyon, and the MGM Grand.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Phoenix hotel extension project, please visit: https://www.phoenixproject.org/hotel-extender/

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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