Why I stayed at a hotel in Costa Rica for 5 days – the best hotels

Costa Rica is famous for its beaches, but there are some amazing hotels around the country.

Here are five of the best hotel in the country and why you should stay there if you want to enjoy it all year round.


Costa Rica’s Best Hotels 1.

Bayside Costa Rica, 4 stars, 4 reviews The resort is perfect for relaxing and relaxing.

There is a spa, pool, sauna, tennis courts and a sauna.

It also has a rooftop terrace with views of the Costa Rican sky.


Costa Rican Laundry, 3 stars, 3 reviews The laundry is also a nice addition.

The room is very clean and it has a large pool for you to chill out and watch the sunset.


Costa Ricans Best Hotel, 4.5 stars, 5 reviews The hotel is a bit pricey for what you get.

But, the views are worth it and the staff are friendly.


Costa Rico’s Best Hotel with a Spa, 5 stars, 6 reviews The spa is also very nice and the pool is a great place to relax and get a little fresh air.


Costa Chileno, 5.5 Stars, 6 Reviews The hotel was great for a short stay.

The pool was very hot and I enjoyed being able to do some exercise.

The staff were very helpful and welcoming.


Costa Tijuana, 5 Stars, 7 Reviews The resort has a great view and is located in the heart of the city.

The restaurant is located right next door and is great for food and drinks.


Costa Villa, 4 Stars, 5 Reviews The main dining room is also great.

The rooms are all very modern and modern bathrooms and the rooms are spacious.


Costa Blanca, 4 Star, 5 reviewers This hotel has a pool and the spa is very comfortable and clean.


Costa Nuevo, 4Star, 5,000 Reviews Costa Blancas main spa is amazing.

The spa has a hot tub and shower for you.

There are also massage rooms nearby.


Costa Del Carmen, 4,5 Stars 5,500 Reviews This hotel is located near a lake and offers a relaxing environment.

It has a beautiful view over the city and you can go for a swim or just relax.


Costa Riviera, 4stars, 5 review Costa Rivias main resort is a lovely resort with a beautiful lake.

The resort also has its own restaurant, bar and pool.


Costa Las Palmas, 5 Star, 6,000 reviews Costa Las Malas main resort has its spa and pool as well as a saunas bar and a restaurant.


Costa Maya, 5stars, 6500 reviews The main resort, the spa and the bar are all wonderful places to have a great night out with your friends and family.


Costa Rio Bravo, 4 and 5 stars 5,800 and 6,800 respectively The resort’s spa and bar are great places to hang out with a group of friends or just have a nice night out.


Costa Santa Maria, 4 star, 5 star, 4 Reviews The pool is fantastic and the restaurants are great too.


Costa San Pedro, 5Stars, 6 and 7 stars 5 and 6 stars, respectively Costa San Pablo is a beautiful island that has beautiful views over the ocean.

The beach is perfect and the resort has plenty of rooms to relax.


Costa Monterrey, 4Stars, 5 and 5.2 stars, 7 and 7.2 Stars, respectively The hotel offers a great location and is close to the lake, and there are plenty of restaurants nearby.


Costa Viejo, 4star, 5-star, 4 & 5 stars 6 & 7 stars, each, respectively I enjoyed my stay here, as well.

The accommodations are very comfortable, the resort is in the center of town, the food is great, and the location is perfect.


Costa Montecristo, 4-star & 5-stars 5-2 Stars & 6-stars, each Costa Monte Cristo is a nice beachfront resort with beautiful beaches and the hotel is close by. 20.

Costa Aruba, 4 – 5 stars 4-5 Stars Costa Aruna is a popular vacation destination and the Costa Arumas mainstay is the beachfront hotel.

Costa Cascais has its pool and spa, but it is not the best place to do a relaxing beach experience.


Costa Río Leon, 4-, 5- and 6-star 5-4 Stars & 5 – 5 Stars Costa Ría Leon is a modern resort that offers many rooms to sleep and relax.

The ocean is great and the pools are wonderful.


Costa Gran Canaria, 4 , 5- Star 5-Star Costa Gran Ríos beach is the perfect spot to enjoy a

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