How to get out of ‘The Donald’ and into a gaylord: The guide

“The Donald” has become the go-to destination for the LGBT community, and with good reason.

The reality show, where he is host, host, and host of the world’s most-watched cable network, has been a huge hit with LGBT voters and helped him secure a second presidential bid in 2016.

The New York Times recently dubbed Trump the “gaylord” and noted that his campaign has been the “most successful” in the LGBT movement.

Trump’s campaign was also named the “top LGBT political action committee” in 2016, by GLAAD.

Trump himself even gave a shoutout to the LGBT crowd in a recent radio interview, saying: “I have an incredible group of supporters, many of whom are very religious, and they are very loyal to me, and I think that’s a very good thing.

They like to talk about me, they like to see the results, they see how I’m doing, and their loyalty is incredible.”

A gaylord, in this context, is someone who works with a gay or bisexual clientele and is able to cater to those needs, but it does not necessarily mean they will become gay or straight.

Trump has been known to do things that may be considered unorthodox, including dressing up as a male model to look like a woman and appearing on TV to pretend to be a female.

But, as The Advocate’s Scott Foval points out, Trump’s approach to gay or bi people has been praised by a number of prominent gay activists, including Caitlyn Jenner and Evan Peters, and even celebrities like John Legend and Bruce Jenner.

In his book “How To Get Out of ‘Trump’s America’ And Into a Gaylord,” Foval writes: “Trump has long been a fan of the gay community, even when it’s been the opposite of what they want, and when it comes to the gay lifestyle, he’s never held back.

In fact, he has often shown his support for the gay liberation movement.”

Foval goes on to write that Trump has often been willing to give back to the community, especially the LGBT activist community, in order to help them in their fight for equality.

For example, Foval notes that in 2015, Trump signed on as a consultant to the “Crown Heights Gay Community Center,” an organization dedicated to the development of LGBT communities in Crown Heights, New York.

This was after he was criticized for a tweet about how “gay people can be promiscuous.”

Formalizing this support was a great move for the Crown Heights community, who were still in a state of transition from a post-gay backlash that saw the city’s PrideFest festival banned and the local LGBTQ community in the face of violent attacks.

Foval also notes that Trump, in 2015 at the PrideFest, “celebrated” PrideFest and the event was a huge success, with thousands of people attending.

In the same year, Trump also became the first Republican presidential candidate to give a speech at a Pride event.

In fact, Trump made a similar gesture at the RNC, saying, “We have to get rid of the stigma of homosexuality.

It’s a sin, it’s a disease, it should be eradicated.”

But it was in 2016 that Trump began to shift his stance on gay people.

The billionaire, who once referred to gays as “faggots” in a 2005 appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show, had come out as a gay man in 2016 and said he felt like he “wasn’t going to be able to be gay anymore” and that he would have to “be gay somewhere else.”

As Trump was still in the race, he made headlines by saying that he wanted to marry his partner Melania, who was also a model, after a meeting with the couple.

In 2017, Trump told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he felt “really sorry for the gays,” but that he didn’t think he should be married to his partner because “you know what, they were doing a wonderful job.”

Trump has also come under fire for saying he would “love” to “break up” his long-term girlfriend, actress Alyssa Milano, but that “she has a wonderful family.”

Trump also recently said that he is “not homophobic.”

However, Trump has since changed his stance and has now said that his “personal preference is gay or lesbian.”

While Trump’s support for LGBT equality is strong, his recent comments about his desire to be with Milano may have come as a surprise to many people, who may not have been expecting that he might have changed his mind about his sexuality.

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