The best hotels in Florida, California, and Washington state

By Sarah Kaplan and Chris SoghoianOctober 22, 2019 12:03pmFlorida’s Palm Springs, the hottest and most expensive beach town in the country, has a history of turning out some of the country’s best hotels.

The resort, with its own hotels, resorts, and other attractions, is also home to a thriving local beer industry.

Now, it’s hoping to capitalize on its proximity to some of those same attractions with the opening of the Palm Springs International Hotel.

The hotel, which opened last month, is the first hotel in the United States to feature a new beer-centric concept.

As part of the project, the hotel is offering a variety of beers on tap, from the popular Corona Extra to the more unusual and unusual-sounding Kego.

The idea behind the collaboration is to make sure that the hotel’s beer selection matches the theme of the night.

The first night we sat down to celebrate a new craft beer-focused hotel, the owner, Chris Soontiran, said he was excited about having a hotel that offers a mix of styles.

Soontil said that he hopes the concept is going to bring more beer to the community and increase visitors to the hotel.

We want to make the experience more interesting and exciting for the guests, he said.

He’s hoping that the success of the concept will help bring more people to the area.

“This is the next step of the trend in our industry.

You can have a great restaurant, a great bar, and a great craft beer, and you don’t need to have a bunch of other stuff,” Soonti said.

“And then you can bring people in and experience it for free.”

The hotel will feature a variety, from traditional beer-themed tap handles to more unconventional ones.

The bar is also being updated with more traditional cocktails and cocktails with a beer component.

There’s also a variety from tap handles featuring Americana to a rotating selection of other beers.

The new tap handles also offer some unique touches, like a new, custom logo for the taps.

And the hotel will offer a wide selection of beers, from its own, unique brews to the popular seasonal beers of other breweries.

“I think this is going a long way in bringing more people into the region,” Soghi said of the hotel opening.

“I think it’s just going to make it easier for us to compete with the local craft breweries, which are always very popular here.

And I think this will make it more affordable, too.”

Palm Springs is not alone in the effort to tap into a new way to attract beer lovers.

Earlier this year, the San Francisco Bay Area hosted a beer festival.

And in 2016, a popular pub in Portland, Oregon, announced a beer-centered menu.

So in the short-term, the idea is not to compete directly with the craft beer scene in Florida and California, but to tap in to something new.

“We have a lot of beer-drinking tourists, but a lot more are coming in and doing other things, too,” Sooonti told Ars.

“We want to take a more traditional approach to it, and maybe a little bit more of a twist, which will appeal to the tourists.”

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