Key West Hotel & Spa: The best hotel in the Key West area

The best Western hotel in Key West, Florida, will get a facelift as the hotel upgrades to a new, upscale hotel with more amenities.

The $600 million hotel, which opened in February, will feature three high-end suites with rooftop terraces and a spa, among other amenities.

More: Key West will be the first resort to offer the hotel’s new luxury amenities, said Key West Mayor Tim Caddell.

“Our hotel is a destination destination, and we believe it’s going to attract more visitors and visitors from all over the world,” Caddel said.

“We’re not going to compete with any other resort in Key Coast Florida.

We think Key West has been a great fit.”

The new luxury suite, which includes a rooftop terrace, will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the two suites, located in the hotel lobby and in a second suite, will open from 7:30 a.s. to 5:30 p.s., said Jennifer Johnson, spokeswoman for the Key Western Hotel & Resort.

The first suite, located on the third floor, will remain open until 7:00 p.f., when it will be taken down and replaced with a newer, higher-end suite, Johnson said.

The new suites will be accessible via a staircase and a sliding glass door, and will include a rooftop bar, poolside lounge, restaurant, gym, meeting space, wine bar and rooftop bar overlooking the resort.

The suites will also include a meeting space for families.

More: KeyWest is the first Florida resort to be upgraded to a luxury hotel, the mayor said.

The city has hosted numerous weddings and corporate events in KeyWest, and the city is proud of the work of Key West’s hotel team.

The Key West hotel will be a key part of the city’s efforts to attract the next wave of tourism, Caddaell said.

“I believe that Key West is going to be the next destination for people looking to go to the Key Coast,” Cadell said in a press release.

“Key West is an amazing resort, and this project is a step toward the future of that beautiful, iconic resort.”

The Key Western hotel will feature a brand new spa, which will be located on its second floor, Johnson told USA TODAY.

The spa will be called The Spa, and it will have its own bar, an indoor pool and a large outdoor deck with a terrace overlooking the pool.

It will also have an outdoor bar, a wine bar, outdoor dining area and outdoor seating, Johnson added.

“We are thrilled that KeyWest has become the first Key West resort to receive this major upgrade,” Johnson said in the press release, adding that the spa will add new amenities and a more exciting experience for guests.

The spa will have a glass-enclosed water fountain, which is a new addition, Johnson noted.

The glass pool, a new feature added to the resort, will also be available for guests, Johnson also said.

It’s a new spa for Key West.

It has been open for almost 20 years, and now it’s getting a faceloift,” Johnson told the news outlet.”

The key is to continue to bring in new guests, and with this new spa and the new amenities, it’s really important that the KeyWest community is excited about it,” she said.

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