How to get your Vegas Strip hotel bill covered by your bank

Las Vegas, NV (CNN) You have the perfect hotel room, you can make it yours, and your bank won’t mind if you’re using a different credit card.

But you probably don’t know how to open up a new credit card to make room for it.

The most common way to open a new card to pay for your new Vegas hotel is to make sure you’re a member of a Chase Sapphire Preferred, the new card from the bank that is meant to be the next wave of credit card offerings for the global economy.

If you don’t have that card, you’ll need to make a few extra trips to your local branch of Chase to apply for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve.

You can get the card at most Chase stores or at many online merchants.

If your credit score is low, you could also find a Chase Bank Preferred card.

If you don.t have that account, you should try to get a Chase Preferred or Chase Sapphire Business Credit card.

Both cards are good for up to $200 per day for a standard membership.

But they both have the same catch: They require a $2,500 minimum monthly fee.

You can’t get a new Chase bank account with your old card, so if you’ve had trouble getting a new one, Chase is offering an upgrade to a new, higher-level card called Chase Sapphire Mastercard.

That card, which has a $5,000 minimum monthly deposit, is the only way to get Chase Sapphire Premier.

That’s good news for some people, but not so good for others.

Many of the same people who have problems with their Chase cards are also the same ones who are frustrated by Chase’s new $2k minimum monthly requirement for Chase Sapphire Prime.

In the end, there are two things you’ll want to be careful of: the new $1,000 maximum monthly fee and your credit history.

Chase Sapphire Premier is a higher-rated card that requires a $1.000 minimum deposit.

Chase Sapphire Platinum is the same card that’s higher-graded and has a minimum deposit of $1 at the time of purchase.

The Chase Sapphire Bank Premier card is a $3,000 annual fee, the same as the Chase Sapphire Elite card.

You may have trouble opening a new bank account if you:Have a bad credit history?

You are the only member of the household with a Chase account.

You have a high credit score?

You could get a higher credit card than Chase Sapphire if you have a low credit score.

If Chase Sapphire has a higher monthly fee, you may want to look at other options to get the most bang for your buck.

Chilean-born businesswoman and current Fox Business anchor Shannon Bream will be covering the new cards in this column.

You’ll find a list of the cards here.

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