Why do people in California love to hate hotels?

One of the strangest things about hotels is that most of them are owned by the same people who are making money off the hotels and who, if you’ve been to the hotels, you know they’re pretty good.

And you don’t have to go too far to find that.

I mean, a lot of them aren’t owned by hotel owners at all, but they’re owned by real estate companies that are also the hotel industry.

They’re just like the airlines and the banks.

The way you think about them, it’s just the same thing you think of banks: They’re real estate businesses, too.

But they have this way of operating that is very different from the way the banks operate.

And that is that you go to a hotel, you’re treated like a regular customer.

You don’t ask for a receipt, you don, you take your check out, and you pay for your room.

And then you leave.

And if you go somewhere else, you go, “I just wanted to go out to a bar,” you can go to another hotel.

And, of course, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

I don’t want to go to some other hotel.

I just want to stay at this hotel.

It’s very simple.

I’ve never been in a hotel where I’m not treated like I’m a regular, well, normal customer.

And it’s very easy to get caught up in the hype.

When I was in New York, when I was coming to New York to do an internship for the Wall Street Journal, I went to the same hotel as the other interns, and the same bar, and they treated me like a customer, even though I was a very nice, well-behaved person.

I didn’t get treated like that.

So the hotel owners who own these hotels are also very good at marketing.

They’ll tell you about their own brand, their own success, their success in the market.

They have a very sophisticated marketing operation.

But that doesn’t mean they’re going to sell you a good room.

The hotel industry has been built by people who know how to sell, and who know the rules of the market very well.

And the hotel business has been a very good way for them to keep control of their hotels.

I think that, when people are looking for something, they’re more likely to go for something like the Marriott, the Hilton, the Peninsula, the Westin, and so on.

So they’re making money.

But it’s also a very risky business, because you’re going out and you’re getting paid to stay there, and that’s going to make you want to leave.

So you’re not going to stay the night.

And when you’re a kid in the 80s, you could go out and have fun.

But if you’re an adult, and your parents are like, “Oh, my God, the kids are all going to get out and they’re all going into the bars, and we have to get the house back,” you don.t want to do that.

You want to get a good job and do something else.

And so you’re looking for a good hotel.

But there’s nothing wrong with it.

I’m just telling you, if it’s a place where you have to pay rent, or you’re paying for your food or something, it doesn’t make sense.

And I think it’s because of the way that these hotels operate that there’s a lot more of a demand for hotels.

You know, when you go into a hotel and you go in and you ask for some food, and there’s this big line that’s supposed to be going up in front of you, and it’s about three blocks long, and, I mean there are a lot better restaurants in Manhattan, and a lot cheaper.

You can eat at a restaurant in New Jersey, but I’m telling you: You can’t just walk in the door and say, “Can I get a steak and a drink?”

I mean that would be insane.

So, of all the places I’ve been, this is probably the one that I think the most people want to come to.

It seems to me that the reason they want to visit is because the prices are right.

So when you look at a hotel room, and people say, I don?t care what it is, but the room is $600 a night, I want to know that, I need to know if it?s really worth that.

Well, what you’re seeing is people who aren’t as savvy about the real estate business, who don’t know that what they really want to spend their money on is something like a hotel.

The reason they come to hotels is because they don?

t know what they want.

But the way they think about hotels, and I don ?t

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