How to find the best hotel jobs in Vancouver

Vancouver is a big city.

And when it comes to the jobs you can find at your fingertips, the area is bursting at the seams.

Here’s a look at the best hotels in the city, and the best places to find jobs.


Radisson Resorts Vancouver (1,400 rooms) There are plenty of options for those looking for a big hotel experience in the Vancouver area, and there are a few to choose from.

The Radisson is the top choice for those wanting to enjoy the city’s beaches, as well as the ocean and the harbour.

There are also plenty of outdoor options to go with your stay, including a popular dog park.


Bellwoods Hotel & Casino (1.4 million rooms) Located just outside Vancouver, Bellwoods offers an excellent selection of hotel suites, including some of the best-in-class suites in the area.

It’s the perfect spot to spend the day relaxing on the beach or exploring the city for the first time.


Cambie Hotel & Resort (1 million rooms, $1,250 per night) This hotel in the beautiful city of Vancouver is perfect for a quick visit.

With rooms ranging from 1,200 to 1,400 square feet, it’s perfect for those seeking to spend a little less time in the pool and more time at the bar.


Sheraton Vancouver (2.5 million rooms), including 2,000 suites for a whopping $1.2 million per night, or $1 million for a two-bedroom suite, depending on the room size.


Vancouver Hilton Hotel (2 million rooms for $1 a night) For those wanting more than the typical 2,200 square feet of rooms, the Vancouver Hilton has the best prices in the region.


Sherbourne Hotel (1 and 1/2 million square feet) Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, this waterfront hotel offers a great view of the city.

Its located near the downtown area and a short walk from downtown, so it’s easy to reach the area and enjoy the best views in town.


Westin Hotel & Suites (2,200 rooms, including suites for $3,000 a night), including suites, for $4,000 per night.


Bellwood Suites Vancouver (700 rooms) This resort offers a wide variety of room options, including the best suites in town for a good price.


Bells West Hotel (3,800 rooms) The Bells is a popular destination for the people in the downtown core.

Its near the waterfront, so you can enjoy the views while relaxing in the ocean or in the lobby.


The Vancouver Convention Centre (1 or 2 million square meters, including hotel suites) This is the largest hotel in Vancouver and one of the largest in North America.

It boasts many suites, so guests can enjoy a bit of everything, from a rooftop pool, to an indoor bar, to a large pool deck.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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