Why Tampa Bay Lightning can’t win the Stanley Cup this year


— Tampa Bay is on pace to win the NHL’s Presidents Trophy for the fourth consecutive year, and the Lightning are the best team in the Eastern Conference this season.

Here are the keys to this team’s success: 1.

They have a winning mentality.

After three years of losing, Tampa Bay has the confidence to say “we’ve got a winner here.”

This team can play with any opponent, and that confidence is contagious.

The Lightning have the confidence in their coach and his system to win against any team in hockey, including the best teams in the league.


The team is in good shape.

They are in the midst of a rebuild and their roster is filled with veterans who have been around the league for a long time.

They also have a young core that is developing and will continue to get better.


They’re young.

The most important thing for this team is the players who have not been with the team since the lockout in the summer of 2015.

They will have to adapt quickly to the fast-paced pace of the NHL, and they will need to learn the nuances of the league’s rules and regulations before the season starts.


They win.

The players on this team have won three Stanley Cups, including a Cup in 2017.

The best way to win a Stanley Cup is to win in a big way.

That’s why this team will not give up. 5.

They get a lot of respect.

There is a lot that the Lightning can be proud of in this group.

The Stanley Cup championship in the past is one of the most prestigious honors in the NHL.

The same can be said for the Stanley Cups won by the St. Louis Blues in 1998 and Detroit Red Wings in 2005.


They can compete.

The playoffs are always unpredictable and they can be knocked out by the top teams in each conference.

The key is that the players on the Lightning have shown that they can compete in the playoffs.


They know how to win.

This is the type of team that can be successful when they’re mentally and physically prepared.

The coaches and players know how they can win, and it’s a process that’s always been the Lightning’s style.


They don’t have to win every night.

When the playoffs start, they have the potential to be in the race.

They play hard and execute well on the ice.

The fans in Tampa Bay will be rooting for them every night, and hopefully, that will help them to be successful.

They just have to get through the first round.

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